Stephen Wildstrom of BusinessWeek recently talked about his experiences with the MacBook Air. He mentioned all the positive traits of the MacBook Air were better than expected, but the negative traits were worse than expected. This is because some people need to the added benefit of an ethernet cord for example.

He mentioned that the MacBook Air performed quite well on plane trips where the tray allowed for the MacBook Air extend with room to spare. A gripe was that it did not include a wired option which some hotels only allow. It's hard to get around it. The lack of removable battery did not bother Stephen very much so that's a good sign.


AppleInsider has finally gotten their hands on the MacBook Air and have completed a 5 page review of the MacBook Air. They concluded that the MacBook Air in very good. They noticed quite a few positive traits and only a few obvious negative traits.

The positive traits included the highly mobile light and thing design. They also mentioned it was sexy and attention getting. Apple really has put hardware engineering to a new level with the MacBook Air. The cons included obvious ones like no wired lan and firewire or removable battery. Overall, the quality engineering is making them overlook the drawbacks.


Reviews are coming from the left and right on the MacBook Air. The reviewers include people like Ed Baig of USA Today and Walt Mossberg of The Wallstreet Journal. There seems to be quite a consistency in the reviews.

Many people commented on the lack of ports but also appreciated the simplicity of the device. They commented that the device isn't made for everyone which Steve Jobs himself even admitted in an interview with New York Time's John Markoff.

Apple claims 5 hours, but some of the reviewers got a little less. The problem is that it won't last a long flight across US.


The MacBook Air is finally coming out tomorrow which will probably result in another crazy day of long lines at Apple stores. The MacBook Air was released with a lot of fanfare, but also brought harsh criticisms.

Many people are still quite annoyed that there are a lack of ports and drives, but many are praising it for the simplicity. It's hard to say whether there will be a lot of sales, but Apple is definitely getting a ton of buzz which will help sales for all products.


Good times for Apple as they posted the best quarterly financial statement ever recently. This means that for the last quarter of 2007, they managed to post a revenue of $9.6 billion. This is quite incredible.

Apple managed to ship 2.3 million Macs for a 44 percent growth which is great for all the Mac owners out there. Apple also managed to sell 2.3 million iPhones as well.

It is definitely good times for Apple and may it continue well into 2008 despite the looming recession.


Gizmodo has gotten their hands on the new Apple Macbook Air. The first thing they did was benchmark the performance of the MacBook Air with the other laptops at Apple.

It turns out that the MacBook Air is just as fast as a MacBook at 2.0 ghz (The MacBook Air was running at 1.6 ghz). This is quite impressive when it is clearly running at slower clock speeds. The conclusion was made that the MacBook Air is clearly quite a performer and doesn't suffer from the problem many ultra portables do from slow processors and hard drives. We can only imagine how much faster a 64 GB SSD version of the laptop will be.


Apple really knows its customers. Greenpeace has just applauded Apple on making an environmentally friendly laptop. They said that the MacBook Air is arsenic and mercury free and raises the bar for the rest of the industry.

Greenpeace pointed out that Apple as made commitments to phase out Brominated Fire Retardants (BFRs) and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) by the end of 2008.


The MacBook Air has led to a revolution in the subnotebook market. In the next couple of months we can expect announcements from major manufacturers with practical clones of the MacBook Air. Laptops will become fashion statements (even more so than already), customers will  demand razor thin and manufacturers will have to oblige them.

Also, Intel will be releasing their Montevina 45 nanometer chips which will go into these ultra thin laptops. Anyway, its a net win for the consumer.


Though the MacBook Air is an amazing piece of machinery. However, nothing is perfect. There are some issues with the MacBook Air.

First there are the ports. There is no Ethernet port, though there is WiFi and you can connect with that. There is only one USB port, which seems like an oversight. Then the USB port is a recessed port which means some peripherals will not work.

Secondly, there is the battery issue. The battery is sealed non-user-replaceable. The good news is that Apple provides free installation.

Issues, nonwithstanding, the MacBook Air is worth every penny, the system that you get is one of the best available on the market.

Remote Disc 01/17/2008

The MacBook Air does not have an optical drive built in. To install software you have two options, either use an external optical drive that you connect via USB or use Remote Disc.

So what is Remote Disc? Remote Disc basically lets your MacBook Air borrow an optical drive from another computer that is hooked up to your wireless network. The point to note is that the host computer can be either Mac or PC.
However, you will not be able to burn CDs/DVDs via Remote Disc. The procedure entails downloading the Remote Disc software from Apple's site and installing it on the host computer.


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